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PNW Tour Autumn 2024

Bamako Foli
with Drissa Kone and Oumou Mariko
Mali - Germany - USA - Japan

M a l i  K a n

T h e   S o u n d   o f   M a l i

Photographs, culture, history, and 21 recordings from the urban and village masters of Malian music. 

`Pages from "Mali Kan - The Sound of Mali"
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The Mango Joe Trio plays a smooth and fun mixture of original music, along with a few popular favorites, drawing on influences from Mango Joe's 25 years of living abroad. His recordings with musicians from Mali, Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea, Cape Verde, Finland, Ukraine, Germany, China, Nepal, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and Paraguay, present a style of music which speaks to the common experiences we all share.

Mango Joe's upcoming album Four Continents is a collection of 16 of his own recordings over 12 years from Mali, Mauritania, Finland, China, Nepal, and USA, plus four new originals.

Click to enlarge gallery. Images from Mali, Mauritania, Finland, China, Nepal, USA

Also by Mango Joe

Djembe drumming recorded in Mali

Djembe, Dunun, N'tama, Bala, Vocals

Original music recorded in Hong Kong and China

Artists from China, Ukraine, Cape Verde,

Togo, Paraguay, Venezuela, USA

Folk music recorded in Mali

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